Leftover Makeovers!

leftoversSome of us just hate leftovers. There are many reasons why: food gets dried out or too mushy the second time around, it doesn’t reheat well, it doesn’t taste like it did the first time, or you just forgot about them in the fridge (OR it’s easier to order a pizza).

Sometimes you throw food out before putting it in a container because “there isn’t enough to save.”

Don’t do it!
Re-purposing leftovers can save you a TON of money!The average person in the United States throws out 25% percent of food and beverages they purchase. According to a recent Gallup poll, the average family spends $151 a week on groceries- with that amount, throwing 25% away every week would equal throwing $1,963 in the garbage by the end of the year!!!
But what do you do if there’s just a little of this and a little of that, as opposed to a whole meal? That’s where I step in!

In the comments below, you can tell me what you have remaining and I will respond with a recipe or method for you so you can use those leftovers up! Even if you think they don’t go together, there’s always a way!

You don’t just need leftover cooked food to comment- you can also let me know if you have items in the pantry or fridge you want to use up.

Start saving by commenting below!


4 thoughts on “Leftover Makeovers!

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  2. I don’t have anything lingering without a purpose in the fridge at the moment, so can’t quiz you 😉 But I completely agree that we all need to reduce our food waste. I recently took an intro course in the sustainability of our food system, and it’s appalling how much Western nations toss out. At least compost it.

  3. It’s really, really upsetting to me, especially animal products- those animals made the ultimate sacrifice and we throw their leftovers out because we let them sit in the fridge too long? Ridiculous. Composting is such a great way to use up something you truly will not eat , we have a small compost in the kitchen that we dump once a week or so into the large one in our back yard- very easy and the ceramic and charcoal filter make it 100% smell free!

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